PPP Risk Management Seminar for Dentists

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Difficulty: Medium

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Module 1: How your Policy Can Work for You (Runtime 27:11'')

Module 2: Risk Control Measures (Runtime 19:59")

Module 3: SOAP (Runtime 12:50'')

Module 4: Standard of Care and Deviation (Runtime 11:35'')

Module 5: Importance of Documentation (Runtime 15:13'')

Module 6: Managing your Dental Team (Runtime 11:07'')

Module 7: Informed Consent (Runtime 15:38'')

Module 8: Medical Emergency Protocol (Runtime 20:44'')

Module 9: Managing Unexpected Events (Runtime 12:13'')

Module 10: Medical History (Runtime 15:41'')

Module 11: Creating the Positive Patient Experience (Runtime 15:16'')

Module 12: Challenges of Modern Dentistry (Runtime 13:48'')

Module 13: Compliance (Runtime 28:59'')

Module 14: A View from the Trenches (Runtime 52:48'')

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